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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years in Different Countries!!

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Can any of you guys tell me if this is accurate? lol

People go out onto the streets and make toasts and celebrate with neighbors. At midnight, kids shoot off fireworks.

British Columbia, Canada
Traditionally, the polar bear swim takes place on New Year's Day, where people of all ages dive into the icy water.

The Chinese New Year, Yuan Tin, is celebrated between January 17 and February 19. They have fireworks, parades, and a Festival of Lanterns, where thousands of lanterns light the way to the New Year.

Young people bang on friends' doors to "smash" in the New Year.

The French eat pancakes for breakfast on New Year's Day.

The last night of December is called St. Sylvester's Eve. Germans celebrate with friends, drink and "sit in" for the New Year. They also have parties that include dancing and formal dress.

Children receive gifts on New Year's Day, also known as St. Basil's Day, instead of at Christmas.

At midnight everyone goes in the front door and out the back door for good luck.

Children sometimes get money as gifts, and people give oranges on New Year's Day.

A gong sounds 108 times for the 108 sins a person can commit. By listening to the gongs you can cleanse your heart and get rid of sins.

Puerto Rico
Kids throw water out their windows at midnight to get rid of evil spirits.

A Scottish tradition is First Footing, where the first person to enter your home after midnight is the first footer, a symbol for the New Year. A tall dark haired visitor is considered good luck.

People pop a grape into their mouth at midnight each time the clock strikes. Twelve grapes symbolize good luck for each month of the year.

It is good luck to let a drop of cream fall to the floor on New Year's Day.

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