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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Balancing your Social life With Art

A friend asked me this exact question the other day.

It occurred to me that when I was 20 I was a constant shut-in. Drawing nonstop, and getting stuck in this "funk" of self pity and disgust of the world outside my computer screen. And my social life was revolved around eating my ramen noodles in front of my dog.

Then at 22, something snapped in my brain and I went the opposite direction. I was partying, chasing the opposite gender, drinking and hardly drawing whatsoever.

Then at 24. I been struggling to keep hold of this "balancing act". My goal being to have a decently banging social life while accomplishing a good workload.

I think I'm doing pretty dang well lately.

This isn't advice, this is just what I do....

1. Never turn down any invite to anything.

2. Sleep less.

3. Never have a "girl friend", ha!


I'm compiling information on different artist experiences in this matter and if any can relate in any way, Any suggestions?

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