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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Da Generation

Hey guys,
From the minute I signed up on deviantart, it’s always occurred to me that people that come from less social back ground tend to be on here. (Not always, but many times) I know what you are thinking “Well duh, it’s an art site, artists are weird” No they are not, don’t make me smack you. They simply think a lot more about weird things.

Art attracts abstract thinkers. And the “DA” tends to attract the young artistic thinkers of this generation. Sounds like a TV add, but true. It also attracts a lot of 10 year old kids posting their stick figures. (crappy stick figures, not stylish ones that my friend kitty posts)

This revolution I’ve noticed has lead to something that really hasn’t been around before.

“What is thanking about Omegaman20?”
I’m talking about the mass level of socializing and selling of yourself you do. Truth is that it’s always been around, but never to this level. In the pre-internet era, people didn’t have an outlet, and were too afraid to show their art. Hell, I know a girl that kept her art under her bed and showed absolutely no one! I honestly feel that sites like the DA have pushed these people to get out of the closet artistically. Art is meant to be seen and enjoyed by the viewer, regardless of skill set.

With myspace, facebook, youtube, iphones, twitter, and now deviantart; we are coming out from our lonely places. We are constantly socializing via internet. The DA has really let us put our stuff out there and really connects with others like no other group of artists. (Some of you guys live on the other side of the planet.)

I know people think that being online can basically “guarding you” from reality. That can be true to an extent, but I think it’s a step. It’s a step to learning about how to interact. Some people never even make it to that first step.

For example, guys at my old art school were some of the most talented guys I had ever seen, but they couldn’t talk to anyone. Like nada! They stuck themselves in a hole and never crawled out, not even online. This produced great art, but seriously creepy minds. These guys should have been working LONG ago. But they just stayed in their bubble. It’s been five years, and some of them are still there NOW!! In fact one of the best artists I ever seen has been working at Starbucks for 2 years. WTF? No one taught them how to sell themselves. And to do that, you have to socialize or at least know how to.

Good art means nothing, if you can’t sell yourself.

Get out of your bubble now! If I could reach through the computer now and kick your @$$ into doing it, I would. But I can’t.


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